Duelling Pistols and Mistletoe ...

London was famous for its excellent gunsmiths during the Georgian period. In fact, George Washington himself patronized Hawkins of London for his own firearms.

Joseph Manton was one of the best and most fashionable gunmakers of the time. Many a gentleman purchased his pistols before making use of his shooting gallery on Davis Street to hone their skills.

His fame came from guns that "were light, trim, well balanced, fast handling, and impeccably fit and finished. Stocks were slender and of fine English walnut with a hand rubbed oil finish."

Richard Balfour's father, the late Earl of Saunton, might very well have ordered a set from Manton. If so, this purchase would have happened long before Richard's birth and the walnut box would sit on the shelf of the study he inherited.

Owning a set such as this might be convenient for our newest hero if he should find himself in need of a weapon, but only time will tell.

Find out if Richard Balfour will have a need for his duelling pistols when To Redeem an Earl releases next week on Friday, Dec 16th.
Duelling pistols
The current Lord Saunton is in for a very bumpy ride while he works to become a gentleman of honor. In between maple cream ices and being the victim of satirical caricatures, will Richard and Sophia find time to fall in love?

It's a tale of malicious former lovers, angry husbands, unexpected consequences, duelling pistols and the importance of family in overcoming the challenges that life throws at us.

A new Inconvenient Bride will be revealed ...

When Richard Balfour, the Earl of Saunton, discovers a little sister he never knew about, he brings her to London for a Season. Isabelle Evans is not sure how she feels about her new connection to the earl until she secretly meets the handsome Cameron Thorne. Now if only they could find someone to introduce them!

Miracle on St. James's Street is a tale of expectations, etiquette and enduring passion included in the upcoming holiday anthology, The Grand Mistletoe Assembly. You will love this multi-author collection of six all-new Regency romances with star-crossed lovers, fast-paced plots and timeless connections.

Learn how Lord and Lady Saunton are spending their first holiday season together while Isabelle and Cameron strive to reach their own happily-ever-after.

Preorder your copy at the special pre-release price on Amazon, Apple or Nook! This can be read as a standalone story but also fits into the Inconvenient Brides series.
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