Hot Gossip from 1820: A Year of Royal Upheaval

This week I am still deep into writing my upcoming book: 55,208 words and counting! Book 2 of Inconvenient Bride is set in the year 1820, which means I have been poring over research to find out what was happening in that illustrious year and how it would impact my characters.

Within the first few months of the year, King George III passed on, the Regent ascended to the throne, and as King George IV put Queen Caroline on trial. All of which would have influenced the peerage in countless ways, so weaving these elements into the story has been a fascinating experience.

It is pop culture for the Regency!

I thought for those readers who are less familiar with the accurate history of the period, I would share my favorite historian. Lucy Worsley has presented multiple documentaries which are highly entertaining. My favorite is her series of three BBC documentaries: Elegance and Decadence, The Age of the Regency. Lucy is funny and engaging, and she really brings the era to life.

If you have seen them before, well, I was just informed by Mr. Jarrett last week that it is time for us to watch them again, so that is now on the schedule. Apparently, he feels the need to brush up on his history now that he is reading my fourth book ;)
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