My first audiobook is on the way ...

I am really excited to have just received my files for my upcoming audiobook release of The Captain's Wife which also means The Duke Wins a Bride is now in production. I have not set release dates for the audiobooks yet, but I will keep you updated.

I am very excited about the artist who is performing the narrations. Claire Glover is a working actress from Cape Town who is skilled with character voices and British accents. I listened to many audiobook narrators but the moment I heard her samples, I knew I had found my voice (or should I say 'voices') for the Inconvenient Brides series. Claire has a recent bestselling audiobook on Audible and she was super excited to do a Regency romance series, so I hope you find her as enjoyable as I do.

Sharing an exclusive preview with my readers was important to me, so I was very excited when the final files just landed in my inbox.

A little secret about the audiobook: there will be a link for a free copy in my upcoming book, Friends of the Duke, which releases on September 16 :)
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