Richard Balfour is in for an explosive time ...

Writing my second full-length novel is an interesting experience for a couple of reasons.

I am now writing full time with deadlines, which is a different experience from working and writing simultaneously but with no deadlines looming.

Another aspect that is different is I have learned my lesson regarding what wastes my time, or puts me into a situation in which I might need to engage in significant re-writes. I have settled into a routine, developed habits and figured out how to avoid those dreaded re-writes as much as possible, which mostly involves careful outlining of the stories and characters before committing them to paper screen.

And now I have a wonderful beta reader system. I write a chapter and Mr. Jarrett reads it later in the evening to let me know if my story is working. I cross question him about issues I am concerned about and do my edits the next morning before writing the next chapter. If I don't have a chapter ready ... well, then my number one fan is disappointed, which helps me to stay focused and keep writing.

I like this new routine. The book, To Redeem an Earl, is progressing well and Mr. Jarrett is impatient to learn how Lord Richard Balfour is going to make his life work out with all those past mistakes nipping at his heels. In his role as my beta reader, he asks me questions about how certain issues are going to sort out, and I remind him to wait and read all about it.

I think the first draft is going to be ready early at this rate, so I am pretty pleased and I like the how the story is coming together.
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