Thank you for making my first book a bestseller!

Just a quick announcement and a big thank you. For the past several days, my debut novel, The Duke Wins a Bride, has been at #1 on two Amazon bestseller lists. The experience has been wonderfully reaffirming that I made the right decision to get writing, and I wanted to extend a huge thank you to my readers, and especially my reviewers, for your support over the past month in making my first book launch a success!
Specific thank you's to the amazing members of my launch team for your wonderful reviews: Sonia, Ceara, Gareth, Ingrid, Julia, Deanna, Ann, Jessica, Phylis and anyone else who left me a rave review. You helped new readers discover my work and I appreciate you .
(Please let me know if I did not mention you as I am still trying to match handles to email addresses / names / reviews).
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