Valentine's Day in the Regency 💘

Listening to satellite radio this past weekend, I was amused to hear the DJ claiming that greeting card companies created Valentine's Day. It was an invented narrative on how poor employees of the card companies came up with the idea to meet sales quotas from their higher executives.

I was laughing out loud at the imagined history.

The truth is letters and cards have been sent for hundreds of years to celebrate Valentine's. In fact, the oldest surviving Valentine message resides at the British Museum and dates back to 1415.

So what did men and women of the Regency do for Valentine's Day? Watch my new Youtube short to find out (captions included if you need to play it on silent)!

Moonlight Encounter perfectly captures the spirit of Valentine's Day with romantic moonlit moments. I think you are really going to love this one!

Aidan Abbott becomes obsessed with protecting his little sister after she is attacked. Complications arise when he meets a young woman under the light of a full moon. When they are caught together, Aidan is forced to marry the daughter of their primary suspect!

How will he will protect his family and honor his vows at the same time?

Can Aidan and Gwen find their happily-ever-after if Aidan accuses her father of murder?

Find out in Moonlight Encounter, Book Two of Inconvenient Scandals!

Moonlight Encounter is Book Two in Inconvenient Scandals

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