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Interview With the Duke 
and The Captain's Wife

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A wealthy merchant’s daughter and a struggling writer. A missing bride and her estranged husband. Can these gentlemen woo the ladies they desire?

Two delightful novellas about the power of true love … and a meddling duke. 

Interview With the Duke 

A disinherited son is brought to the threshold of love, with an heiress beyond his reach. Can he find a way to be the one to claim her, or will he have to stand aside as she marries another, more suitable man?

She only has eyes for him …

Dinah Honeyfield has been in love with her father’s houseguest since he came to stay in their Mayfair home. As their friendship blossoms, she suspects he admires her in return, but as the years pass by he never attempts a courtship. If he does not act soon, she must take matters into her own hands before her father demands she marry another suitor.
She is his muse, the inspiration for his words ...
Lord John Pettigrew, the second son of a marquess, left his birthright behind to pursue his dreams which is when he met the ravishing Dinah. Fate itself had beckoned him to her doorstep, but how is a struggling writer to woo the only child of a wealthy merchant when he has nothing to offer her?

A chance encounter with the Duke of Halmesbury might provide an opportunity to claim Dinah as his bride, if John has the courage to pursue his dreams one more time.

The Captain’s Wife 

A vicar's daughter marries a handsome army captain, but they are separated by war and attempted violence. Can they find their second chance at love? 

Mrs. Thorne is a woman with no past ...

After fulfilling her lifelong dream of marrying Captain Lewis, Mrs. Lydia Lewis foils an attack in her husband's absence and is forced to run from the family home. An old friend, the Duke of Halmesbury, provides refuge and she reinvents herself as Mrs. Thorne, the ducal housekeeper, forced to bury the memories of her previous life and her lost love.

Captain Lewis won't give up the woman he loves ...

Captain Jacob Lewis fulfills his heart's desire by eloping with his childhood friend only to be separated and sent to war with Boney. He returns home to find his bride missing and his household in turmoil. Resolutely, he begins his search for the only woman he has ever loved, and he is not giving her up once he finds her. 

Friends of the Duke is the delightful prequel box set to the Inconvenient Brides Regency romance series. If you like worthy heroes, fast-paced plots, and enduring connections, then you’ll adore Nina Jarrett’s charming tale of passion. Can be read as standalone books or as part of the Inconvenient Brides series of Regency romance books.

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